At GLOBAL CLEAN, we know how important your workplace is to your business. We also know how big an impact your  cleaning contractor can make.

Simply put, quality cleaning matters — whether you’re concerned about the appearance of your office or workplace, the impact of poor cleaning on worker productivity, or how hygiene affects your staff’s health and safety. Our team  understands all of these challenges, which is why we’re committed to a higher standard of Hygiene.

Our secret to deliver this?

  • First, we design a detailed, custom cleaning plan for your office.
  • Next, we have a Senior Team Supervisor on every cleaning facility engagement
  • We also equip our cleaners with high-grade cleaning solutions and cutting-edge technologies, like latest Dyson vacuums, microfiber cloths and flat mops, and our disinfection system.
  • Finally, we track and measure our results, ensuring attention to detail and consistency on every clean.

GLOBAL CLEAN offers a range of Cleaning Products, with services tailored to a wide array of industries. Some of our most popular programs include: Office Cleaning; Industrial & Manufacturing Cleaning; Medical Office Cleaning; Specialty cleaning; Restaurant & Co cleaning, Garden maintenance and Treatment.

Would you need any services for a different type of business? No matter your industry, we can help.

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Our team is featured to keep medical facilities compliant with the highest and strict standards of OSHA standards and connected guidelines.


Where Hygiene Matters Most!

Our quality signature is embedded in every compartiment of building and equipment; depending of the scope of our accountability.

Global Clean custodial cleaners also offer the strongest guarantee in our industry, promising to resolve any service issues within one business day.

Our customised service plan can be consulted 24/7 in every workplace.

We Clean Safer & Greener. Our cleaners use strategies that reduce the need for harsh and volatile cleaning agents, keeping your workplace safe and limiting your business’s eco-footprint.



Few spaces face the kinds of cleaning challenges found in manufacturing facilities and industrial workplaces. When you work in a heavy-duty environment, industrial-grade cleaning is essential to keeping your workers safe and your workplace productive.

Fight back against your workplace’s toughest cleaning challenges with industrial cleaning services from GLOBAL CLEAN

Make you house the best place to live!


House and Domestic Cleaning...

We Clean All Flooring Types. GLOBAL CLEAN Accommodation cleaning teams offer day-to-day cleaning services for a wide range of flooring types, including tile, concrete, and sealed floors. We also offer deep-cleaning, intensive cleaning, and buffering services on demand.

We Sanitize Bathrooms & Break Rooms. Bathrooms and break rooms are the two top spots for bacteria in most workplaces. Our home cleaning service plans include careful cleaning and disinfection of these areas to ensure family health and safety.

We Improve Air Quality. We use quiet-cleaning vacuums that come equipped with innovative filters. These vacuums allow our cleaners to improve air quality in the facilities we serve, trapping pollutants and particulate as small as 0.3 microns in diameter.