BEM-Training Services

We are a creative team that brings new approach to the substance and training methods.
Our experience always gives our clients full satisfaction and confidence when it comes to knowledge transfer to their workers.
Building Emerging Markets has completed several training sessions successfully and our reference is our happy clients from different fields.

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Business Transformation

Our registered Experts can provide prompt support and engage with you on a wide array of needs connected to:
Strategic Diagnostics
Position Evaluations (External / Internal Environment)
SWOT Analysis, business models assessment (formats CANVAS ...)
BCG approach of products/resident countries network to guide your future investment decisions
Value Chain Analysis, and key drivers’ assessment
Business Risks Mapping
Business Plans and Road Maps
Business Model and Restructuring in general

Due dilligence

Your capital is your most valuable asset!
Our experts will assist you throughout your investment journey to guarantee the proper return you expect in the long term.

Human Capital Services

Your Human Asset Management is the first pillar of your Company! We can help you get the most of your workforce from our past experience and our Case study bank. Our Senior Human Resources consultants will assist you for the following and more:
Review of the Social Charter and missions
Analysis of the organization and functions
Review of positions and job descriptions
Analysis of profiles and skills
Review of coherence and cultural, national and gender balances
Framing and adequacy of payroll and offsets
Executives and Talents Recruitment, career management and end of careers

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