Company Profile

At CIT we are helping companies and institutions across Africa to accelerate growth, developing entrepreneurs, leaders to strengthen their Business.

We engage ourselves into Africa integration through industrialization, knowledge sharing and cross-countries cooperation.

Innovative Platform

Our Experts work, and researches offer African institutions the best skills, Knowledge and techniques, which are key to succeed in the today’s highly competitive international market.

We cover a wide range of disciplines, industries and countries.

Sustainability Engagement

We believe in action that's why we invest Via our Global Clean initiative in clean and net living environment.

As a trustee in Mahola Health Foundation, we constantly share CIT earnings to support in Medical Mission and Scholar aids in rural African areas.

Company Positioning

Our clients range from SMEs in promising industries and sectors striving to develop or survive, to Large public African Institutions in Regional Stocks market.
Our intervention provides insights both for on-the-spot decisions making to long term road maps. We delivered our services in various industries, including Financial Institutions, Energy, Stock market, Mergers and Acquisitions, Audits, Health care and medicine…

Advisory Services
Technology and Digitalisation.


BEM [Training-Advisory-Strategy-HR-Audit] 62%
BUSINESS CARE CIT [Digital Led Screens-GSM VAS-DCB] 81%
COLLATERALS [Projects Progress] 62%
GLOBAL CLEAN [Satisfied Clients] 78%
Innovation Platform

The CIT platform has developed different products and partnership to impact in various sectors such as:
BEM (Building Emerging Markets) which is champion in advanced training services and facilities. The inhouse core competences include Consultancy services in Trade Finance, Operational and Financial Audits, Human Resources, Business Transformation cases in Harvard Business School Models.
BUSINESS CARE CIT is the legal entity responsible for digitalization and Innovative advertisement. Pioneering in the Cameroon markets with Digital Large Led Screens
COLLATERALS is the Asset Management component with Innovative Building Techniques in Steel Structures, out of the standard construction materials, improving construction timing. The entity has developed a niche of containerized beach cottages.
iPOOL is an incubation pipeline dedicated to young Entrepreneurs in Africa, connecting the dots between, ideas, data, Apps Design, legal, social, technology and funding needs.